Clothesline Fresh® Chlorinated Reclaim Pack R1


Clothesline Fresh® Chlorinated Reclaim Pack R1 (707100)

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Clothesline Fresh Chlorinated Reclaim Packs remove tough, stubborn stains, helping you reclaim rejected linens, prolonging linen life and reducing your linen replacement costs. The alkaline laundry stain fighter packs a high concentration of stain removing chlorine bleach in a unique, water-soluble packet. Each Clothesline Fresh Reclaim Pack is also individually packaged and labeled to offer the safest solution for employee handling and accurate dosing.

PH 10.5-11.5 (1% in water)
Dilution 1 pack/60 lbs.
Color White
Scent None

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Product Code Bar Code Size
707100 00753727707737 10 ct. 500 gram

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