A targeted cleaning and maintenance program designed for Health Clubs, Fitness Centers & Gyms. 

83% of members associate cleanliness with club satisfaction.

Maintaining a clean and healthy fitness facility increases member satisfaction, ensures renewals, and attracts new members. FitnessCheck®addresses your unique needs by integrating knowledge, resources and products into a dedicated program that delivers powerful results.

Recognizing Your Critical Business Needs

Studies show that routine cleaning and disinfection, as part of a managed cleaning program, can significantly reduce the risk of harmful pathogens being spread through frequently touched surfaces.

Labor Readiness

The daily cleaning of a fitness facility is the responsibility of all employees, all day, every day, all year long.

Member Satisfaction

Member satisfaction dictates the success of your business. Creating goodwill is the surest way to maintain and grow your memberships and your business.

Cost Containment

In addition to managing labor, memberships, and your facility amenities, managing your bottom line requires optimizing your cleaning and maintenance expenses, without sacrificing quality.


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CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® is a thorough, cost-effective program that trains employees on keeping a facility clean and compliant. CleanCheck® modules cover basic and advanced topics for cleaning a variety of areas including restrooms, hard floors, carpet, etc. Safety modules ensure OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and GHS compliance.

  • Web - or DVD-based video tutorials
  • Web - or paper-based testing
  • Training manuals
  • Compliance documentation and tracking
  • On-the-job cards
  • Employee recognition certificates
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Spartan Chemical’s cloud-based CompuClean Facility Management Software provides an integrated reporting system and a variety of modules to improve the workloading, quality assurance, inventory management, and documentation of your facility’s cleaning operations, enabling you to: ®

  • Identify training/employee issues 
  • Improve health and safety for customers
  • Improve facility cleanliness
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Evaluate processes and workloading 
  • Satisfy customers

Now, with the new CompuClean Mobile App, it has never been easier to track and manage cleaning operations whenever and wherever you are.

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