HealthCheck® Long-term Care

When the ones we love require extra care, their comfort and safety are the top priority. 

At Spartan Chemical, we make clean simple, so long-term care facilities can provide safe, healthy, home-like accommodations throughout the continuum of care.

With proven programs for general cleaning, laundry linen management, and food service sanitation, Spartan and our distributor partners can customize and implement the program that ensures the highest standard of clean—because there is no second chance when it comes to the health and well-being of our loved ones.

Clean and Healthy Spaces

The U.S. Department of Health has scientifically proven that rigorous and regular cleaning is associated with major decreases in harmful pathogens that lead to illness. Therefore, a documented cleaning program is critical not only for appearance, but to ensure a healthy environment for residents, visitors, and staff.

Assess Your Needs

The Spartan team will work with you to establish and document your cleaning and sanitation goals.

Create Your Program

The Spartan team will then put together a complete program that focuses on cleaning and disinfecting your entire facility.

Train Your Staff

Training of your environmental services / infection prevention staff is paramount to the success of the program. The Spartan team will implement a CleanCheck® training program to fit your operations inclusive of cleaning for health, laundry/linen management, and food service cleaning and sanitation.

Track/Verify Progress and Identify Areas of Concern

Using the quality assurance tool in CompuClean, your EVS specialists/supervisors will be able to measure, validate, document, and manage your cleaning effectiveness, ensuring a safe environment for residents, visitors, and staff.

CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® is a thorough, cost-effective program that trains employees on keeping a facility clean and compliant. CleanCheck® modules cover basic and advanced topics for cleaning a variety of areas including restrooms, hard floors, carpet, etc. Safety modules ensure OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and GHS compliance.

  • Web - or DVD-based video tutorials
  • Web - or paper-based testing
  • Training manuals
  • Compliance documentation and tracking
  • On-the-job cards
  • Employee recognition certificates
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Spartan Chemical’s cloud-based CompuClean Facility Management Software provides an integrated reporting system and a variety of modules to improve the workloading, quality assurance, inventory management, and documentation of your facility’s cleaning operations, enabling you to:

  • Identify training/employee issues 
  • Improve health and safety for customers
  • Improve facility cleanliness
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Evaluate processes and workloading 
  • Satisfy customers

Now, with the new CompuClean Mobile App, it has never been easier to track and manage cleaning operations whenever and wherever you are.

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