Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention Made Simple®

According to the CDC, the flu kills between 3,000 and 49,000 Americans every year. It is important to be prepared and take the required steps to clean and disinfect properly with an effective infection control program including the right products combined with training and management tools. Whether it’s a common cold, the flu or something else —Spartan offers a program to keep building residents safe and healthy.

Understanding Information for Disinfectants

Download our new infographic to learn how regulatory guidance combined with Spartan’s product information ensures the proper and effective use of disinfectants to reduce the spread of infection and keep our businesses and workplaces safe.

The Flu is Back. Get Our Infographic and Help Limit Its Spread

The flu can seriously impact your organization. Make sure you are prepared with a managed cleaning program. Learn the facts and find solutions with Spartan’s latest infographic. 

Hand Hygiene Procedures

Keep it safe and keep it clean. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense in preventing the spread of harmful pathogens which cause illness.

Download the Hand Hygiene Procedures Chart and remind employees to practice proper hand hygiene with the wash hands sticker.


This paper provides an overview of disinfectants and their role in a managed cleaning program, including how the consideration of environment and pathogens needs to be addressed in product selection. The paper also discusses the importance of using products as directed, and the necessity of following safety data sheets, product labels, and regulatory guidance in establishing and maintaining a cleaning program that keeps cleaning staff and building residents safe.

Stop The Spread of Infection

Today’s cleaning professionals are on the front lines of helping to prevent the spread of infection. Rely on Spartan Chemical to provide targeted solutions for infection control. Your world is busy enough. Infection Prevention Made Simple™.

Which Spartan Disinfectant is Right for You?

This handy tool provideds contact times and efficacy claims for each of Spartan's disinfectants, allowing you to compare and select based on performance objectives.

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Find a Distributor

Spartan Chemical operates through a network of distributors localized to your area. To find out more information on a product, program, or solution, contact a distributor near you.

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