More than sixty years ago, three young entrepreneurs had a dream to create a chemical company with high integrity, quality products and exceptional support to meet the needs of maintenance professionals.

In May of 1956, the founders, E.T. Swigart, Jr., Nord L. Simpson, and C.D. Werner, turned their dream into a reality by starting Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Under the leadership of E.T. Swigart Jr., Spartan got its start in a 1,500 square foot building on Summit Street in downtown Toledo, Ohio. It was here the Company rolled out its first product — HD-10 All Purpose Cleaner. Later renamed SD-20, it became an industry leading synthetic detergent that is still sold today and is a favorite of NASCAR® pit crews.

From these humble beginnings, Spartan Chemical, Inc. now operates on a 135-acre campus in Maumee, Ohio, with a 600,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Today, Spartan Chemical is recognized as an international leader for the manufacturing of superior and cost-effective, maintenance cleaning products including industrial cleaners, disinfectants, wipes, skin care, food processing, laundry care, warewash, floor care products and more. Spartan products reach five continents – through over 500 national distributors in the United States and 53 international distributors and associates, with the support of more than 250 employees.

Over the years, employees' faces have changed and grown in number - and their contributions have been innumerable. Spartan's core values of commitment to high standards and quality products, supported by unparalleled customer service are the cornerstone that Spartan personnel have always embraced.

E.T. Swigart's dream was to create a company with integrity to match the quality products produced and sold. This level of integrity is fulfilled through every facet of the company today. Over the years, products have been developed that have revolutionized the maintenance industry with their cutting-edge chemistry and forward-thinking purpose.


Spartan Chemical began in a small, 1500 square foot building on Summit Street, in downtown Toledo, Ohio. The first product was HD-10 All Purpose Cleaner, later renamed SD-20, which became an industry leading synthetic detergent, that is still sold today. E.T. Swigart often referred to SD-20 as “the girl that brought us to the dance.”

  • 1956

    Founders, E.T. Swigart, Jr., Nord L. Simpson, and C.D. Werner


The preferred method of sales and marketing was through the creation of a network of distribution. By 1960, Spartan products were sold through 53 distributors, had new products on the horizon, expanded its operation, and held its first General Sales Meeting.

In 1964, Spartan moved its operation to 110 N. Westwood Avenue in Toledo. The Westwood location became our home for the next 30 years. It was expanded on five or six occasions - until Spartan found it necessary to eventually establish three additional satellite locations in Toledo.During that timeframe, our facilities maintenance chemical lines continued to expand.

  • 1964

    110 N. Westwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio


During the late 70’s and 80’s, Spartan began to expand internationally, creating a variety of different joint ventures and licensing arrangements as well as establishing international distribution. Today, Spartan has a wholly owned subsidiary, Spartan do Brasil, in Campinas, Brasil, with a compounding plant and offices of about 150,000 sq. ft. and 180 employees. Spartan also has additional representation in 28 other countries through assorted distribution and licensing arrangements.

  • 1970

    Westwood manufacturing facility, after several expansions

  • 1974

    Spartan do Brasil

  • 1974

    Spartan Lebanon

  • 1976

    Spartan del Ecuador

  • 1976

    Spartan Jordan


In the 80’s, Spartan launched a new product line for the metal forming industry called the Industrial Product Group, or IPG, and began establishing a network of distribution designated for that product line.

Entered into partnership with Spartan de Bolivia.

  • 1980

    Spartan de Bolivia

  • 1984

    IPG - Industrial Product Group


In the early 90’s, Spartan launched a patented chemical line based on biotechnology. It helped distinguish Spartan and our distributor associates from our competition. Eventually, in 1996, our growth necessitated the building of a 570,000 sq. ft. compounding plant on a new 133 acre campus at 1110 Spartan Drive, Maumee, Ohio.

In the 90’s, Spartan diversified into the computer industry, acquiring a company called CompuClean, which is a software tool that is a natural fit with our end-user marketing and institutional cleaning products.

Spartan also launched a comprehensive chemical line for the food processing industry.

  • 1996

    New 133 acre campus at 1110 Spartan Drive, Maumee, Ohio

  • 1998

    CompuClean acquisition


In 2000, Spartan entered into partnership with Spartan Columbia: dba Sparcol®.

In 2002, Spartan led the National Green Cleaning movement with a line of environmentally preferable products called the Green Solutions products. It was this line that started the “green revolution” in an industry previously dominated by yesterday’s technology.

Continuing with that proactive movement, in 2005, Spartan expanded the environmentally preferred concept and introduced new products, called BioRenewables®, based on technology that promote our renewable resources and contribute to environmental improvement.  Also in 2005, the Lite’n Foamy Hand Care line was introduced.

Spartan Chemical Company celebrated its 50th Anniversary on May 10, 2006. Over the years, the employees’ faces have certainly changed and grown in number - and their contributions have been innumerable. But their philosophical commitment to high standards and quality products, supported by unparalleled customer service, are cornerstones that Spartan personnel have always embraced.

Also in 2006, Spartan entered into partnership with Spartan de Chile.

In 2007, Spartan completed a 29,000 square foot expansion to the corporate headquarters building, expanding the total building to over 600,000 square feet.

In 2008, Spartan entered into partnership with Spartan Uruguay.

Spartan introduces a complete line of Laundry products, Clothesline Fresh™ in 2009.  In addition, John Swigart was promoted to Executive Vice President.

  • 2000

    Spartan Columbia: dba Sparcol®

  • 2002

    Green Solutions® product line introduction

  • 2005

    BioRenewables® product line introduction

  • 2005

    Lite’n Foamy hand care product line introduction

  • 2006

    50th Anniversary -- May 10, 2006

  • 2006

    Spartan de Chile

  • 2007

    29,000 square foot expansion

  • 2008

    Spartan Uruguay

  • 2009

    John Swigart promoted to Executive Vice President

  • 2009

    Clothesline Fresh® laundry care product line introduction


Spartan introduces a line of warewash products, SparClean®, in 2010 to complement the Clothesline Fresh Laundry Line.

In 2010, Spartan entered into partnership with Spartan Peru.  

In 2011, John Swigart was promoted to President and celebrated its 55th Anniversary.  

In 2012, Spartan expanded to well over 650,000 square feet. Growing to 35 shipping and receiving docks in total, the investment in capacity will enable Spartan to continue our timely and accurate order fulfillment.

Installation of high-density racking (a huge increase in the tractor/trailer queuing area, making a total of 35 shipping/receiving docks) and introducing Spartan’s first robot, “The Trojan Horse” occurred in 2013.

In 2014, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) was implemented and Scott Libbe was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Justin Black was elected to the role of Treasurer; joining the Board of Directors.  In addition, CompuClean® Cloud Base introduced; now accessible from any web-enabled device.

CompuClean® offers Mobile Quality Inspection App, available from App Store or Google Play beginning in 2015.

  • 2010

    SparClean® automatic and manual warewash product line introduction

  • 2010

    Spartan Peru

  • 2011

    John Swigart promoted to President

  • 2011

    55th Anniversary

  • 2012

    Headquarter facility expansion to over 650,000 square feet

  • 2013

    Spartan’s first robot, “The Trojan Horse”

  • 2014

    Warehouse Management System (WMS) implemented

  • 2014

    Scott Libbe promoted to Chief Financial Officer

    Justin Black elected Treasurer, joins Board of Directors

  • 2014

    Cloud-based CompuClean® introduction

  • 2015

    CompuClean® Mobile Quality Inspection App introduction

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