Grocery Services Program

  • Staff Training
  • Product Solutions
  • Real-Time Support
  • Efficient Management Tools

Cleanliness is rated the most important aspect of retail store atmosphere.

- Chain Store Age - Store Atmospherics Study,
Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, Chicago

A key contributor to keeping your competitive edge, starts with the daily task of maintaining a safe and clean facility. To do so, you need a well-trained staff, the right products, real-time support, plus efficient management tools to constantly monitor and evaluate your cleaning and sanitation procedures. The comprehensive Spartan Chemical Grocery Program has been designed to cover all your supermarket-specific cleaning and sanitation needs, providing outstanding results and keeping it as simple, safe and effective as possible.

Food Safety Made Simple

In the competitive retail grocery store industry, food safety and sanitation are paramount to success. Sanitation is key to ensuring that customers will have a positive experience and return to the store repeatedly. A complete program including employee training, food safety audits, cleaners and sanitizers is required to get the job done right—safely and thoroughly.


The comprehensive Spartan Chemical Grocery Program has been designed to cover all your supermarket-specific cleaning and sanitation needs, providing outstanding results and keeping it as simple, safe and effective as possible.

We Make Clean Simple®

Spartan has the right program and products for every area of your store, including:

  • Employee training system
  • Sanitation management software
  • Food service sanitation
  • Employee safety
  • Hand hygiene
  • Drain maintenance
  • Floor care
  • Restroom care

Ensuring Employee Safety

Maintaining a clean and compliant store puts your employees and/or contractors on the front lines of your cleaning operations. To minimize liability issues and maximize productivity, Spartan Chemical has always made employee safety a top priority. To do so, our Grocery Services Program includes the following safety measures:

  • Color-coded product identification systems
  • Sanitation procedures charts
  • Safety-sealed, closed-system packaging options
  • Staff training and point-of-use reference tools
  • Bilingual labeling systems
  • Slip Fall standards

Service and Support Where and When You Need It

Highly experienced professionals, our Sales and Service team members have all earned ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification. They are sanitation experts committed to understanding your unique needs, providing meaningful solutions, and partnering with you to ensure the cleaning and sanitation needs of your entire chain and each local store are being met each and every day.

CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® Training System

CleanCheck® is a thorough, cost-effective program that trains employees on keeping a facility clean and compliant. CleanCheck® modules cover basic and advanced topics for cleaning a variety of areas including restrooms, hard floors, carpet, etc. Safety modules ensure OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and GHS compliance.

  • Web - or DVD-based video tutorials
  • Web - or paper-based testing
  • Training manuals
  • Compliance documentation and tracking
  • On-the-job cards
  • Employee recognition certificates
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Spartan Chemical’s cloud-based CompuClean Facility Management Software provides an integrated reporting system and a variety of modules to improve the workloading, quality assurance, inventory management, and documentation of your facility’s cleaning operations, enabling you to:

  • Identify training/employee issues 
  • Improve health and safety for customers
  • Improve facility cleanliness
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Evaluate processes and workloading 
  • Satisfy customers

Now, with the new CompuClean Mobile App, it has never been easier to track and manage cleaning operations whenever and wherever you are.

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