Cleaner Schools Promote Healthier Attendance

In K-12 education facilities, school budgets are heavily dependent on attendance for funding. A clean, healthy environment leads to better attendance. Proper cleaning in schools promotes a safe and healthy environment for children to learn. Maintaining complete and thorough disinfection throughout the facility will enhance the performance and productivity of the students. Spartan is the key to cleanliness for all educational facilities and your source for simple solutions.


The most common transmission of all viruses is airborne (sneezing and coughing). The second most common transmission is through close contact with an infected person (shaking hands, etc.). Viruses may also be transmitted by contacting a contaminated surface and then rubbing your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.

It is important to assess and document High Touch Surfaces (HTS) in your facility.  Even with the best hand hygiene practices, contaminated surfaces can expose hands to potential pathogens, which can be transmitted to other surfaces and people.

Solutions for K-12 Education

Rely on Spartan to provide the tools necessary to clean, disinfect, and maintain your school through superior products and a complete janitorial program.

Solutions for K-12 Education



Train – Validate – Document

Spartan’s HealthCheck® uses a three-pronged approach to ensure proper environmental cleaning is achieved – TRAINING, VALIDATION, and DOCUMENTATION. CleanCheck®, a web-based, multi-lingual training system educates staff on cleaning standards and methods. The program promotes the tracking and assessment of staff cleaning operations. The data from this training process can then be loaded back as part of the personalized performance tracking in Spartan’s CompuClean®

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