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Hand Hygiene Made Simple®

According to the CDC, nosocomial infections cost at least 28 billion dollars a year.  At least 7 billion of this is preventable with proper infection control measures. Many studies have shown that a large percentage of infections come from improper hand hygiene, proving that a multi-front approach is needed.

Proper hand hygiene along with regular and routine cleaning and surface disinfection can help decrease the spread of infections.

Kids Teach Us About Hand Hygiene

Kids Teach Us About Hand Hygiene

Educational video to teach kids about proper hand hygiene. 

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foamyiQ® is the industry’s first hand-hygiene dispensing cartridge. There are no costly dispensers to install, maintain, or repair. When foamyiQ is empty, simply remove it from the bracket and snap on a fresh, new one. Available in foaming handwash, antibacterial handwash, green-certified handwash, E2 handwash and antibacterial hand sanitizer. Its brilliantly simple.

Hand Hygiene Made Simple™

Lite’n Foamy is the economical choice for end-users. With reduced packaging, it is also the sustainable choice to reduce landfill waste. Lite’n Foamy produces luxurious foam that leaves the skin clean and soft after each use. Feel the soft cleansing action as Lite’n Foamy foams evenly onto skin surfaces. Mild, synthetic detergents boosted with emollients gently cleanse away soils and excess oils leaving skin clean and refreshed.

Hand Hygiene Procedures

Keep it safe and keep it clean. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense in preventing the spread of foodborne pathogens and other harmful bacteria that cause illness.

Hand Hygiene Reminder

Remind employees to practice proper hand hygiene with the hand hygiene reminder, which can be printed and posted in your facility.

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