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Restroom Care

  • What products would you recommended for ceramic tile in the locker room shower with a high gloss look and epoxy grout, including the walls and floor of shower?

    The two products generally used in locker rooms are Foamy Q & A or CDC-10.  If you have hard water or rust issues, Foamy Q & A is your best choice, at least some of the time, depending on how heavy the accumulation is and how quickly it builds up.  Otherwise, or on most days, the alkaline CDC-10 will clean and disinfect your locker room effectively.

    Both can be applied with a foam gun such as the 481 Foam Gun we stock.  Agitation with a scrub brush after a few minutes dwell time is always a good idea, followed by a thorough rinse with clear water.

    Both could be used on the urinals and toilets, again asking "Is there hard water or rust?"

    In the Clean On the Go (COG) line we have #7 Acid Bath and Shower and #14 Foamy Bath and Shower.  When you just want to clean, these are economical choices to clean the whole locker room, including the floor.  Neither is a disinfectant.  They could be dispensed with the COG Foamer.

    For routine disinfection of the locker room floor, if you did not choose CDC-10, one of our many neutral pH disinfectants, like GS Neutral Disinfectant or HDQ Neutral Disinfectant, could be chosen.  The slate floors could be cleaned with any of these products.

    Wood benches in a locker room are, presumably, sealed such that water based cleaners will not hurt them.  If that is the case, GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral could both be used to clean and disinfect them.

    There are times when you just want to do a good deep cleaning of the entire room, leaving disinfecting as a last step as you end the process. This would happen periodically as you observe that the routine daily cleaning isn't quite getting the job done.  Then choosing a cleaner up to the task, such as Tough On Grease or Green Solutions Industrial, can get you back to really clean surfaces.  Once cleaned, you could disinfect the whole room with one of our many neutral pH disinfectants, like GS Neutral or HDQ Neutral.

  • What can you use on waterless urinals that will not damage the cartridge?

    Spartan's Waterfree Urinal Cleaner does not breakdown or affect the barrier material used in water free urinals.

  • How can stainless steel sinks with hard water deposits be safely cleaned?

    To remove hard water, you will need an acid cleaner. BioRenewables Restroom Cleaner, Foamy Q & A or M*95 are good choices. Apply to the surface and agitate, then rinse very well with lots of fresh water. You do not want to leave the acid on the steel surface very long. It is better to leave it too short a time and have to reapply to get remaining hard water deposits than to corrode or etch the steel.

  • How long can I expect a floor mat under the urinal in the restroom to be good for?

    Heavily used restrooms will challenge a floor mat more than a low use restroom. On average, you can expect to have a urinal floor mat last 2-3 weeks. If it appears soiled, full or otherwise used up, it should be replaced regardless of how short a time it may have been on the floor.

  • What products are best for cleaning up the shower grout and tile in an area campground?

    You will often find hard water at the campground, so using an acid product for cleanup is the best. The products you can use include Foamy Q & A, Clean By Peroxy, M*95 and GS Restroom Cleaner. Be sure to rinse all surfaces well, especially chrome or other metal parts.

  • What products does Spartan make that will work on lime scale?

    Acids are needed to react with lime scale. Typically you can use Foamy Q & A, M*95, MLD, GS Restroom Cleaner or High Acid Cleaner. On the vitreous china of urinals and commodes you may use Germicidal Bowl Cleanse.

  • How can I clean soap scum off of porcelain tile without worrying about etching the grout?

    If you don't want to risk etching the grout, you will want to use an alkaline cleaner like CDC-10. CDC-10 will effectively clean the body oils and soap scum so often found on showers and tubs. CDC-10 will not etch grout, but it also will not remove hard water or rust.

  • When taking down a soap dispenser that has been tape mounted to a mirror, what is the best way to remove the sticky adhesive?

    Orange Tough 15 is best suited to this task. Once you have removed as much of the actual tape as possible, the Orange Tough 15 formula will work at dissolving the adhesive. Once the tape and adhesive are gone, you will want to wash the mirror with any of Spartan's glass cleaners to remove any of the residue from Orange Tough.

  • How can you remove the uric salt in a slow running urinal drain?

    SparCling is good for this. The acid will dissolve the uric salt and the thick clinging formula helps the SparCling to stay put long enough to do the job. Then treat the urinal weekly with Consume Drop-in-a-Drain to keep the pipes running freely.

  • Should NABC be used ready to use or diluted on surfaces like faucets, countertops and door knobs?

    You can do it either way. It would depend on whether you wanted to clean and disinfect or merely clean. To get the full disinfection benefits, you should use NABC full strength. You can dilute it up to 1:10 to use it as a nice fragranced neutral cleaner in the restroom.

  • Will Foamy Q & A hurt a frosted glass door?

    No, Foamy Q & A will not damage frosted glass. As always, you should rinse the surface thoroughly with water and not let the chemical dry on the surface.

Kitchen / Food Processing / Prep Sanitation

Dispensing and Dilution Control

  • Are replacement parts available for the #481 Foam Gun?

    Yes, parts for the 481 foam gun are available.  See the table below for part number

    9973 Foam gun #481
    9576 round spray gun & quick release (Model #481)
    9561 lid assembly
    9591 tip set (13)
    9596 Quick Disconnect for Foam Gun 481
    9577 container for concentrate
    9555 #500808 suction tube
    9551 #609600 foot strainer
  • Now that my totes and drums are empty, how can I get rid of them? Do you take them back?

    Once empty, the HDPE blow molded bottle inside a steel cage of the 330 and 275 tote can be rinsed and made ready for recycling. Along with our drums, which are also made of easily recyclable HDPE plastic, you can offer these to your local recycling facility.

    If they cannot take them for some reason, you can look at commercial recycling companies. You can look up one close to you on the recyclers co-op website. The address is below. You can just click on "Find A Member" and select your state and the local companies will be listed. There may be a small charge for their services.

Hard Floor Care

  • Does Spartan have any non-ammoniated strippers?

    With the exception of DA-70, all Spartan strippers are non-ammoniated.

  • What strippers does Spartan have that are safe for use on linoleum floors?

    The only stripper Spartan makes that specifically mentions that it is linoleum safe is DA-70.

  • How do you get the built up floor finish off the kick plates on doors?

    Aerosol Shineline Baseboard Stripper will do a nice job of this because it will gel and cling to the vertical surface. If the kick plate is made of an exotic metal, you should verify in as inconspicuous a place as possible that the higher alkalinity of Baseboard Stripper will not discolor it. Regardless, the kick plate should be well rinsed with clear water after the dissolved finish and stripper have been removed.

  • What is the correct procedure when stripping asbestos floor tiles?

    With asbestos two things are important to remember. You cannot do any scrubbing procedures, whether stripping, washing or buffing, unless the floor is either kept wet or has a coating on it.

    To strip, you can use your normal stripper and pad. You must simply keep the floor wet at all times when scrubbing. This will keep any possible asbestos particles from becoming airborne.

    For daily washing or periodic buffing, you may do these operations as you would on any other floor as long as there are sufficient coats of sealer and finish on the floor that you are never really touching the asbestos tile, only the coating.

  • Which is your lowest odor stripper for use in health care?

    The two strippers with the lowest odor in our line are Green Solutions Neutral Floor Finish Remover and L. O. E. Stripper.

  • How many square feet can I strip with one gallon of stripper?

    With strippers, you will need 1 gallon of ready to use stripper to strip 100 square feet, on average. So it depends how you dilute the concentrate how many square feet one gallon of concentrated stripper will strip.

    Mixed at 1:4, you take one gallon stripper plus four gallons water to make five gallons of RTU stripper. One gallon of RTU stripper does 100 square feet, so five gallons would strip 5 * 100, or 500 square feet. Therefore one gallon of concentrated stripper will strip 500 square feet when diluted 1:4.

    Mixed at 1:10, you would make eleven RTU gallons of stripper, times 100 square feet per RTU gallon of stripper which equals 1100 square feet stripped from one gallon of concentrated stripper when mixed at 1:10.

  • What will take ink off floor finish on VCT tiles that won't damage the finish?

    Anything that will take ink off floor finish will damage the finish in the process. To take ink up, you could try Contempo Paint, Oil, Grease, Tar, and Ink, Tough Duty, Graffiti Remover SAC or just strip the spot on the floor.

  • What do you recommend for taking care of bamboo flooring?

    Bamboo floors do well with water based coatings like AquaSport Wood Floor Finish or AquaSport 2-Part Wood Floor Finish. Once sealed, dust mop the floor frequently with dust mops treated with Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment Cleaner.

  • What are the best products and procedures for cleaning gum and the stains it leaves off of concrete?

    Removing old chewing gum from concrete can be difficult. Obviously if one method doesn't work, try another.

    The products:

    • Orange Tough 90
    • Orange Tough 40
    • Graffiti Remover
    • Oven and Grill

    10 minute contact, followed by steam heated pressure washer

    The Tools:

    In addition to the above suggestion to use a steam cleaner

    • Plastic scraper
    • Wire brush
    • Pressure washer (without heat)

    For the stain after the gum is removed try Chlorinated Degreaser.

  • What to use to clean ceramic tile floors and walls?

    For routine cleaning, mild cleaners like Damp Mop, Xcelente or Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner will remove soil without leaving a film.  For deeper cleaning you can step up to Shineline Multi Surface Cleaner or Green Solutions Industrial.  When you need to remove hard water deposits and rust or brighten grout, you would choose an acid product like Foamy Q & A or M*95 followed by lots of fresh water rinsing.

  • How do I clean the concrete floors of a movie theater on a daily basis?

    To clean the concrete floor in a movie theater, use either Consume Micro Muscle, Tough on Grease, Green Solutions Industrial or BH-38. All will do an excellent job.

  • What alternatives are there for taking care of marble floors?

    The options with marble are to maintain it with no coating - leaving it natural - or putting a coating on it and treating it like any other floor. Well maintained, shiny marble will not hold a finish well so you may want to choose keeping it smooth and shiny. Keep it clean with Marble Mop. Marble that is dull and scratched may take a coating and hold it. The one to try is TerraGlaze. Keep it clean with frequent dust mopping and damp mopping with Damp Mop. When it comes time to strip, never use anything stronger than Rinse Free Strip.

  • Why would I choose Spraybuff versus choosing Super Spraybuff?

    The Super Spraybuff formula has solvent in it along with the cleaners. If you have black marks, that is when you would choose the Super Spraybuff. If all you need to do is clean and shine the floor, regular Spraybuff is all you need. Remember you should always dust mop a floor before you spray buff it.

  • What products can be used to remove salt and ice melt residue from floor finish?

    Damp Mop is the lead product for this purpose. Others you can try are Xcelente, Shineline Floor Prep, Clean By Peroxy and Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner.

  • Will a water based gym finish stick to an oil based finish already on the surface?

    In general, if the floor surface is properly prepared, the water based gym finishes will be fine on top of oil modified gym finishes. Proper preparation includes dry screening the surface to knock all the gloss off and tacking the dust. The floor should be clean, dry, and dull. Follow all label and informative bulletin directions for preparation and installation of the water based gym finish of choice whether it is the one part or two part product.

  • What can be used to clean the grout on those 1" tile floors. I want to clean out the dirt and whiten the grout, too.

    To use a product on the alkaline (pH > 7) side, choose Chlorinated Degreaser.

    To use a product on the acidic (pH < 7) side, choose M*95.

    Never use these together because bleach and acid make a deadly combination.

    Both will clean and whiten your grout. With either product make sure to protect yourself and the surrounding surfaces from stray chemical and rinse well after the cleaning process.

  • My linoleum is yellowing, What can be done to get the floor back to the original color?

    Linoleum is very sensitive to chemicals and chances are nothing may be done to fix the floor. It is probably a reaction to alkalinity in cleaners used over time. Our recommendation for caring for linoleum floors is to coat them with 2 to 3 coats of Millennia Bright Dura Gloss, keep it clean with Damp Mop, and use top scrub and recoat with Shineline Multi Surface Cleaner and never strip the floor down.

    You could experiment with a little bleach in an inconspicuous spot to see if it will help, but I expect it will not.

  • For Electrostatic flooring (ESD static dissipative) what should I clean the floor with? Can I use DMQ?

    The product in our line targeted for ESD flooring is N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Cleaner. If you do not have this immediately available, you can choose one of our neutral quat based disinfectants. Examples include DMQ, GS Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner and HDQ Neutral.

  • What is the recommended dilution for Strategic Cleaner when using it to tack a screened wood floor?

    The recommended dilution for Strategic Cleaner as a tacking solution is 1:6 when tacking a screened wood floor.

  • Can I use a maroon pad to scuff up AquaSport 2-Part Wood Floor Finish in preparation for recoating?

    The important thing in preparing the floor for recoat is results, not method. You are looking for a uniformly dull surface with no shiny spots and no dust particles left on the surface. If you can achieve this with a maroon pad, that's fine. Do not shortcut the preparation process. You will have adhesion failure if you do.

  • How long do I have to wait between coats of floor finish? How long should I wait before burnishing?

    On average, and depending on local humidity and temperature, coats will dry in 30-40 minutes. It is best to allow the floor to cure for 48-72 hours before buffing.

  • How far will Wood Force A-Tack go when tacking a sanded wood floor?

    For tacking sanded wood floors, the estimated coverage rate is 10,000 square feet per gallon. Be sure to read the informative bulletin to get the full description of the acceptable procedure for use. You must keep tacking the floor until you get no particulate left or the coating will have the dust particles in it.

  • What types of floors can Bounce Back be used on?

    Generally Bounce Back can be used on any finished floor to enhance gloss and fill in fine scratches. It can also be used on uncoated marble floors as a very light dressing. Dilute Bounce Back according to label directions and mop it onto a clean floor. Allow it to dry, then buff with a white polishing pad. The results will be a shinier floor that will last longer.

  • My customer wants low gloss floor finish. Currently was using Johnson wax care free matte low gloss. This product will be used in nursing home in the dementia unit.

    You need our PROmatte floor finish. I recommend two or three thin coats only. This will offer protection to the floor and leave very little glare. Do not buff this finish or it will pick up gloss.

  • How do you mix the 2 part Aqua Sport 2 part Wood Floor finish? What is the pot life once it is mixed?

    With the stir stick provided and wearing your gloves and goggles, stir part A into a circle vortex, then pour in part B and stir for 30 seconds. Let the mixed finish rest for 10 minutes. The activated finish has a pot life of 24 hours.

  • What are the care procedures for linoleum and Marmoleum?

    For the initial clean up, scrub with Damp Mop using a single disk (175 rpm) machine and a blue or green pad. After picking up cleaning solution, apply 2-3 coats of iShine for a high gloss and 2-3 coats of Millennia Bright Dura Prime for a low gloss.

    To maintain the floor, dust mop frequently, then damp mop using Damp Mop. Burnish as desired to achieve the appropriate appearance.

    Never strip linoleum or Marmoleum. Instead, deep scrub with Shineline Multi Surface Cleaner and a blue or green pad. Rinse and reapply 1-2 coats of the iShine or Dura Prime.

  • Why do new floor tiles need to be stripped before putting down the sealer and finish I plan to use? Why can't the floor just be cleaned well, like for a top scrub and recoat?

    New tiles have a protective coating put on them at the factory to protect the tile during production and installation. This coating, if left in place, will give you adhesion problems with the sealer and finish you want to put down for the floor's permanent care program.

    To strip the factory seal, a light dilution of stripper, 1:10, should do it. Dilute your stripper of choice and apply it to the floor. Allow it to dwell for ten minutes and scrub as normal for stripping. Pick up the stripper solution, rinse and allow the floor to dry. Now the floor is ready for you to apply the sealer and finish you have chosen to protect the floor and match the appearance and maintenance profile the owner wants.

  • How can you remove betadine stains from floors?

    Betadine is very hard to remove from floors. The best option is the Clothesline Fresh Iodine & Betadine Remover. You can also try Graffiti Remover SAC, Contempo H2O2, Tough Duty NB and SD-20 aerosol, but you may find that these will not take out the stain completely.

  • Which Spartan finishes carry the UL approval for slip coefficient?

    Upper Limits, White Sun, Sunny-Side, iShine, On an' On, TrendSetter, and N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Finish are all UL approved for slip resistance.

  • What temperature must the floor be for successful film formation and adhesion to the floor tile?

    Too low a floor temperature slows down the chemical reaction of the polymers making long polymer chains, and a nice unified coating. A minimum floor temperature of 60 degrees F. is required for proper film formation. Of course, too high a temperature will cause the finish to dry or evaporate too quickly, preventing proper leveling or film formation. It is best to keep the temperatures moderate, in the 70's or 80's, if possible.

  • Can I add a clear coat over the top of Glossy Black Floor Finish? Which one should I use?

    Yes, a clear coat of regular floor finish can be used over Glossy Black floor finish. You can choose whatever satisfies the demands of the care routine. For instance, Sunny Side would make an easy care, high gloss coating over the top. If you wanted a more buffable finish, you could use one of those.

  • How can I estimate the amount of sealer and finish I need for a job?

    Once you have stripped out a floor, you have to build the sealer coats (usually two) then add finish coats until you reach a minimum of 100% solids. You will need to know how many square feet of floor you are coating and the solids of your seal and finish.

    The first coat of sealer will coat approximately 1500 square feet per gallon. Take your total square footage to coat and divide by 1500. That is the number of gallons needed for the first sealer coat.

    The second sealer coat will cover approximately 2100 square feet per gallon. Again, take your total square footage and divide by 2100. This is the number of gallons you will need for the second sealer coat.

    After this, all coats should, on average, require 2500-3000 square feet per gallon. Following the formula above, divide your total square footage by 2500 to get the number of gallons needed per coat of finish. Multiply by the number of coats needed to reach 100% solids.

  • What sealer would you use for rubber tire tiles?

    Shineline Seal, in no more than two very thin coats, should do a fine job sealing the rubber tire tiles. Keep it clean by frequent dust mopping and clean with a neutral cleaner like Damp Mop or DMQ.

  • How long will Exterior Waterproofer repel water from my concrete surface?

    Depending on the weather conditions and exposure, the Exterior Waterproofer coating will last 2-6 months before needing to be reapplied.

  • Is it okay to use New Generation 100 Epoxy coating on a concrete freezer floor?

    New Generation 100 Epoxy coating can be used on a concrete freezer floor provided you warm the floor up to 50 degrees F. to install the coating. The floor should be prepared like any concrete floor as described in the informative bulletin for New Generation 100. Once the coating has cured, you can load in the racks, chill down the freezer and put it back into use. Since NG 100 is slippery when wet, you might consider making a non-skid surface by adding an aggregate to the coating before it cures.

  • How long must you let Concrete Seal and Straight Seal cure before using the floor?

    Concrete Seal should be left until the following day for the seal to cure and all the volatile components to work themselves out of the floor. Straight Seal is ready for foot traffic in an hour or two. To load heavy items onto the floor, you would do best to wait until the next day for the coating to harden.

  • How low a temperature can the concrete be to use Exterior Waterproofer?

    The surface temperature must be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Can color be added to Straight Seal?

    No. You cannot add color to Straight Seal. You can try painting the concrete with the color of your choice, then doing a test patch to see if the Straight Seal will be compatible with the paint as a top coat.

  • What preparation is needed prior to resurfacing NG 100 with another coat of the same product?

    To prepare a previously sealed New Generation 100 floor, clean it well with a degreaser, then screen it to rough it up and knock off all gloss. Tack the dust and particles up and let dry. The floor is now ready to recoat with New Generation 100.

  • What is the average coverage rate for Concrete Prep?

    You will get 100-200 square feet per gallon on average. Of course, you must evaluate your results and reapply if you do not get the etch you need.

  • How does a floor with radiant heat deal with New Generation 100. Will there be a problem?

    A cured floor of New Generation 100 will not have a problem with the radiant heat coming from the floor. However, while installing and curing the floor coating, the radiant heat should be turned off.

  • Are there any UV protecting inhibitors in the New Generation products?

    No, there are no UV inhibitors in the New Generation products. Since they are for indoor use only, it wasn't deemed necessary. If you have areas that routinely get sunlight, like in a loading dock, you will notice a degree of UV discoloration over time.

  • Can I use a pro-weave roller to put down New Generation 100?

    No, the pro-weave roller is for putting down thinner coatings. For New Generation 100, you need a notched-edge gauge rake to leave a heavy coat of New Generation 100. The pro-weave roller would stir air into the thicker coating of NG-100 and not spread it evenly. If you are careful with the gauge rake, you may not need the porcupine roller. However, if you see bubbles in the coating as you have spread it out, you can use the porcupine roller to break them before the coating sets.

  • Some Concrete Prep dried in areas on the concrete. How can I remove it now?

    Wet the floor with water only and scrub it with a stiff deck brush or power wash it. You need to loosen the reacted salts from the etching process.

  • What does Spartan offer that can be used to clean up concrete mixing delivery trucks?

    Concrete Prep is your answer to cleaning up cement trucks after delivery of a load. It has hydrochloric acid to quickly react with the cement and inhibitors to protect metal. You can use it as is, or dilute 1:1 with water for more economy. Sell this one in 55 gallon drums, 4 to a pallet!

  • Is New Generation 100 acid resistant?

    NG 100 is resistant to some acids more than to others. For instance, it has excellent resistance to battery acid (30% Sulfuric acid), but very poor against concentrated Sulfuric. Tests show NG 100 is resistant to the following list of acids: Hydrochloric 50%, Nitric 25%, Sulfuric 50%, Phosphoric 50%, Acetic 10%, Lactic 10%, Citric 10% and Battery acid (30% Sulfuric).

  • Is New Generation 100 slippery when dry? Is it slippery when wet? Can it be made slip resistant with an aggregate of some kind?

    No, NG 100 is not slippery when it is dry. Like all floor coatings made by Spartan, it meets or exceeds the ASTM standard for slip coefficient. Wet is another story. NG 100 is slippery when wet.

    If you have an area where the floor is likely to be wet from time to time, you may wish to add an aggregate such as alumina, sand or poly beads to the top coat of NG 100 while you are laying it. Be sure to choose a particle size large enough to poke through the thickness of the NG 100 layer you are putting down. You can read all about it in the Informative Bulletin called "Producing a Skid Resistant Surface Using New Generation 100".

  • What temperature (minimum) must the concrete be for your various concrete sealers?

    In all cases, the minimum acceptable temperature to put down a concrete seal is 55 degrees F. The maximum temperature is 95 degrees F. The list of Spartan concrete seals are Concrete Seal, Straight Seal, New Generation 100.

  • How old does concrete need to be before you can seal it with New Generation, Straight Seal or Concrete Seal?

    Concrete Seal can be used as a curing membrane, and can be put on concrete as soon as it is hard enough to walk on. Concrete Seal allows moisture to pass through, but slows it down. The longer this process takes, the stronger the concrete is.

    The New Generation 100 epoxy products and Straight Seal must not be used until all the moisture has come out of the concrete and it is fully cured. This will take from 30 to 90 days, on average.

    To test whether the moisture is all out, tape down heavy plastic, 12-18" square, on all four sides in several places around the concrete to be coated. Wait 24 hours. Look on the back of the plastic for condensation or for a darkening of the concrete. Either is an indication that moisture is still coming out of the concrete and you must wait longer before using the New Generation 100 products or Straight Seal.

  • What is the best coating for an automotive garage floor that gets wet?

    Concrete that is outside or is inside and routinely gets wet only has two options from Spartan - these are Concrete Seal and Exterior Water proofer. Concrete Seal is a penetrating seal can get wet and still give good traction.  Exterior Water proofer will cause the water to bead up rather than soak into the concrete.

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  • Will Clean By Peroxy etch marble and other acid sensitive surfaces?

    Yes! Never use an acid on marble unless you are trying to etch it. Clean By Peroxy has a pH around 2. Even in a diluted solution, this product can etch marble and other acid sensitive surfaces. Choose another product like Marble Mop, Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner or Damp Mop.

  • How can I clean ceiling tiles? Which chemical should I choose?

    First test the ceiling tile to make sure it is tolerant of getting wet. Once the tile passes this test, choose mild cleaners like Clean By Peroxy, Green Solutions Industrial or BH-38.

  • What can be safely used to remove hockey puck marks from Plexiglas©?

    Graffiti Remover SAC and a 3M no scratch pad will effectively take hockey puck marks off Plexiglas© without damaging the Plexiglas©.

  • Can sea water be used to mix with cleaning chemicals? Does it affect performance?

    Yes, you can generally mix cleaning chemicals with sea water with no problem. The exceptions are glass cleaners and floor cleaners. For these applications you are likely to leave a residue if you use sea water.

  • What non-acid foaming cleaner can be used to clean air conditioner coils?

    To clean the accumulated dust and dirt from air conditioner coils without damaging the aluminum, you can use Clean on the Go Foamy Bath and Restroom Cleaner or CDC-10 if you want a foaming cleaner. You could also use a non-foaming cleaner like Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner or Tough On Grease.

  • How do you read the numbers on the bottom of the aerosol can?

    The numbers on the bottom of the aerosol can are the date of manufacture. It is in the format of MMDDY(batch). If the aerosol in question were the second batch made on February 3rd, 2016, the code would read 02036B.

  • What products should be used to clean a computer room?

    In computer rooms, wetness, dust and static charges are important. Often times, there are cables running under an elevated floor. It would be bad to have liquid dripping down on these cables. If this is the case, make sure your mop is well wrung out before cleaning the floor. Likewise, in wiping down the exterior housing of computer equipment, make sure you do not let liquid run inside the casing.

    If you have a regular floor in a computer room, N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Finish will help keep static from building up. 2 or 3 coats will keep the floor looking good and safer around computers and other electronic equipment.

    N/C No Charge Cleaner is a good product for use in cleaning computer rooms because it will help to knock down any static build up. It can be used on any water safe surface including on N/C No Charge Static Dissipative Floor Finish. Follow the above rules for not allowing too much liquid to run.

    Dust can build up in small crevices in computers, in the fans and on the chips and devices inside the computers. This can lead to overheating and shorter life. When cleaning a computer room, choose lint free towels and mops for all cleaning tasks.

    Before cleaning any computer monitor, check the manufacturer's directions for cleaning. Some monitors should not be cleaned with water based products. Check first before you ruin a monitor. Ready to use Sign Off is good for cleaning glass, mirrors, photocopier platens and monitors that can get wet for cleaning.

  • What is the dielectric strength or rating for Wasp and Hornet Killer?

    The dielectric Breakdown Voltage is 41.0 kV by ASTM using test method D-877-87.

  • Does Spartan use gluten in any of its products?

    Spartan Chemical does not use any gluten by-products or derivatives in any of its products.

  • Does Spartan use any peanut derivatives in any product?

    Spartan Chemical does not use any peanut by-products or derivatives in any of its products.

  • Is it safe to use SparCreme on marble?

    No. Marble is sensitive to acids and can be quickly ruined. SparCreme has an acidic pH of 2.3. Add in the grit and you can very quickly etch and scratch marble.

  • What is the best product to clean soft drink spills using a pressure washer in a stadium setting? The areas are concrete.

    Consume Eco-Lyzer, Green Solutions All Purpose Cleaner or Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner are all good choices to clean up spilled soft drinks on concrete stadium floors and stairways.

  • What should I do if an animal drinks or eats one of Spartan Chemical Company's products?

    Whether human or animal, if chemical exposure happens with any Spartan Chemical product, you should call the emergency medical number listed on the Safety Data sheet. This service is available 24 hours a day and is free of charge to you. Their staff is medically trained and have all our SDS so they can offer sound advice on what to do.

  • How can I clean dry erase boards?

    With all the different manufacturers out there and all the coatings that are used now, you must first test in a small corner to determine that no damage is done to the board surface. Choose one of the cleaners below and put a little in a corner and wipe it clean and dry. Try to put a mark on the board with a dry erase marker to see if it will take the mark then try to erase the mark. If it passes both of these tests, go ahead and clean the entire board.

    You can test the dry erase boards with SD-20 aerosol, Tough Duty NB, Graffiti Remover SAC and Steriphene II.

  • What procedure and products should be used in cleaning up bird droppings?

    You must be careful not to breathe in bird dropping dust. Therefore, the first thing to do is saturate the droppings with either HDQ Neutral or Super HDQ Neutral to both keep the dust down and start to kill any microorganisms present. These two disinfectant carry a wide range of kill claims, many having to do with animals. One claim in particular relates to birds - avian polyomavirus.

    The worker should be properly protected so that the bird droppings do not get on their skin or into any mucous openings such as eyes, nose or mouth.

    Once the droppings have been saturated with the disinfectant, scoop up the wet droppings and place them into a trash bag. Repeat wetting the bird droppings and scooping into the trash bag until all of it is removed. Clean the surface with any cleaner, then do a final disinfection of the surface with HDQ Neutral or Super HDQ Neutral.

  • Is Clean By Peroxy safe to use on floors coated with sealer and finish?

    Yes! Clean By Peroxy at 1-2 ounces per gallon makes a very good floor finish cleaner.

  • Is Clean by Peroxy safe to use on metal surfaces?

    Clean By Peroxy can be used on metal surfaces as long as the contact time is short and the metal is rinsed after cleaning. Aluminum should not be cleaned with Clean By Peroxy.

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