Odor Control

90% of customers indicate that cleanliness is the most important factor in a business. And studies show that building occupants and visitors associate malodors with an unclean facility. However, in public facilities, offensive odors can enter the environment at all times of the day—even seconds after a space has been cleaned.

Take control of your image with a Spartan odor control solution.

Take Control of Your Environment

Malodors can give the wrong impression, causing even clean restrooms to be perceived as dirty. The ecore™ Air Care System ensures that restrooms smell fresh, even between cleanings. With an innovative multi-phasing, submicron fragrance technology, each cartridge lasts for up to 60 days, saving you money while reinforcing a sanitary image.

Daily Dumpster Maintenance

Simple instructions demonstrating the appropriate steps for controlling dumpster odors with a Spartan Consume products. 

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Find a Distributor

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