CleanCheck® DVD Series


CleanCheck® DVD Series (920100)

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The CleanCheck® Healthcare – Acute Care DVD includes step-by-step video instruction on proper procedures for environmental services cleaning and disinfection. DVDs offer flexibility for training in locations with no internet access and feature both a full-length video, as well as individual chapters for each segment of the training process. As with all CleanCheck components, images and color-coded product categories reinforce the procedures taught in the module.

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
920100 00753727057870 Set
923800 00753727056439 Set
928001 10753727260956 Set
928003 10753727266187 Set
928005 00753727706389 Set
928007 00753727708451 Set
928009 00753727709229 Set
928010 00753727709205 Set
928012 00753727710225 Set
928100 00753727028962 Set
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