Peroxy Protein Remover, Cleaner & Whitener


Peroxy Protein Remover, Cleaner & Whitener (382104)

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Peroxy Protein Remover, Cleaner & Whitener is a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner designed to remove proteins and whiten protein stains from all types of food preparation surfaces. Formulated specifically for food handling, food processing, and food service operations, Peroxy Protein Remover can be used as a general purpose cleaner to remove animal fat, grease, blood, vegetable oils, food residues and other tough soils.

PH 2.0 - 3.0
Dilution 1 - 12 oz./gal.
Color Pale Blue
Scent Fragrance Free


  • Kosher Product
    Kosher Product

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
382104 10753727045560 1 GAL 4/CSE
382105 00753727045570 5 GAL PAIL
382115 00753727045587 15 GAL DRUM
382130 00753727045594 30 GAL DRUM
382155 00753727045600 55 GAL DRUM
382160 00753727045617 275 GAL TOTE

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