Eggs-So-Clean® Egg Washing Compound


Eggs-So-Clean® Egg Washing Compound (312905)

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A uniquely formulated washing compound specifically designed for use in shell egg washing applications. Non-chlorinated, Eggs-So-Clean Egg Washing Compound, is a combination of several surfactants that aid in cleaning and preventing soil from redepositing on the eggshell. Provides efficient egg washing by quickly removing chicken feces, blood, dirt, mud, feathers, insects and other soil from the eggshell.

PH 13.5
Dilution 0.5 oz./gal.
Color Clear
Scent Mild Fragrance


  • Kosher Product
    Kosher Product
  • Halal Certified
    Halal Certified

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
312905 00753727034932 5 GAL PAIL
312955 00753727038374 55 GAL DRUM
312960 00753727039869 275 GAL TOTE

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