High Performance Alkaline FP


High Performance Alkaline FP (312605)

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High Performance Alkaline FP is a highly concentrated alkaline detergent used for brewery cleaning (ex. brew kettles, fermenters, conditioning tanks, and filters), fryer boil out and CIP/COP applications. Effective at removing baked on soils, High Performance Alkaline FP removes, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and other stubborn soils found in brewery´s and other food processing applications.

PH 14
Dilution 2 - 6 oz./gal.
Color Clear
Scent Mild


  • Kosher Product
    Kosher Product
  • Organic Materials Review Institute
    Organic Materials Review Institute

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
312605 00753727264599 5 GAL PAIL
312655 00753727264605 55 GAL DRUM
312660 00753727264612 275 GAL TOTE

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