LFC® (307504)

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High alkalinity and bleach form the base of this low foam, high performance formula developed exclusively for pressure cleaning. The low foaming characteristic of LFC mean less foam and less time spent rinsing. LFC’s bleach cleaning action provides quick protein removal and destaining. The buffered alkaline components react with fats to emulsify, remove fatty soils, grease, oils and carbonized soils.

PH 13.0 - 14.0
Dilution 6 oz./gal.
Color Yellow
Scent Unscented


  • Kosher Product
    Kosher Product
  • Halal Certified
    Halal Certified

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
307504 10753727030955 1 GAL 4/CSE
307505 00753727029983 5 GAL PAIL
307515 00753727031009 15 GAL DRUM
307530 00753727031016 30 GAL DRUM
307555 00753727029976 55 GAL DRUM
307560 00753727031900 275 GAL TOTE

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