Maxim® VHP


Maxim® VHP (294055)

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Multi-functional, high pressure, high performance, cutting and grinding fluid designed for high speed, high pressure coolant applications. Low foaming. Extends tool life. Improves surface finish. Contains multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package. Rejects tramp oil. Mild and non-irritating to the skin. Dye and perfume free.

PH 10.3
Dilution Varies
Color None
Scent Unscented

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
294005 00753727029143 5 GAL PAIL
294055 00753727029136 55 GAL DRUM
294060 00753727029693 275 GAL TOTE
294065 00753727029709 330 GAL TOTE
This product cannot be shipped to the following countries: Canada

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