Tough 90™


Tough 90™ (226705)

Product Details

Tough 90® is a solvent degreaser that makes fast work of even the toughest industrial degreasing jobs. With a versatile formula, Tough 90 is great for desoiling engines, machinery, all metals and concrete. It can also be used as a slip coat on beds, walls, and tailgates of asphalt trucks and equipment to prevent adhesion of asphalt. Tough 90 quickly cuts through tar, rubber burns, and adhesives, making it perfect for use in floor restoration/renovation projects.

Dilution Ready-to-use
Color Clear (Dye-Free)
Scent Fragrance-Free

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
226705 00753727268023 5 GAL STEEL LINED
226755 00753727268030 55 GAL STEEL LINED

Safety (SDS)


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