SC-200 (220055)

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SC-200 is a high alkaline, solvent-based, extra heavy-duty industrial cleaner. Formulated for use at low to medium range dilutions, SC-200 attacks grease and encrusted soil on concrete, road equipment, and heavy machinery. Safe to use in automatic scrubbers, SC-200 efficiently cleans manufacturing facility floors.

PH 13.4 - 13.9
Dilution 4 - 12 oz./gal.
Color Red
Scent Solvent


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    Kosher Product

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
220004 10753727011756 1 GAL 4/CSE
220005 00753727011766 5 GAL PAIL
220015 00753727011773 15 GAL DRUM
220030 00753727011780 30 GAL DRUM
220055 00753727011797 55 GAL DRUM
220060 00753727011735 275 GAL TOTE

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