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Xtreme® Clean Cargo® (204704)

Product Details

Xtreme Clean Cargo is a super strength concentrate designed for cleaning cargo vehicles with high pressure cleaning equipment. Formulated to remove road film, grease, and other hard to remove soils from all metal, painted, and fiberglass surfaces, Xtreme Clean Cargo is powerful enough to remove heavy soils without manual agitation; yet will not harm painted surfaces, letters or decals, or etch glass.

PH 11.5 - 12.0
Dilution 3 oz./gal.
Color Rose
Scent Unscented

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
204704 10753727012258 1 GAL 4/CSE
204705 00753727012268 5 GAL PAIL
204715 00753727012275 15 GAL DRUM
204730 00753727012282 30 GAL DRUM
204755 00753727012299 55 GAL DRUM
204765 00753727012244 330 GAL TOTE

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