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Consume Eco-Lyzer® (329704)

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Consume Eco-Lyzer is a revolutionary quaternary-based disinfectant concentrate formulated to destroy pathogenic and odor causing bacteria and viruses, remove soils and leave natural digesters behind for residual control of nuisance odors. All in one, Eco-Lyzer features patented cleaning technology that reduces janitorial labor by cleaning, disinfecting, and digesting residual organic soils with one product.

PH 6.5 - 7.5
Dilution 2 - 6 oz./gal.
Color Teal
Scent Floral

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
329704 10753727033772 1 GAL 4/CSE
329705 00753727033782 5 GAL PAIL
329715 00753727033799 15 GAL DRUM
329730 00753727033805 30 GAL DRUM
329755 00753727033812 55 GAL DRUM
329765 00753727033829 330 GAL TOTE
This product cannot be shipped to the following countries: Canada
This product cannot be shipped to the following states: California

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