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    PDS® (Portable Dispensing System)

    Clean on the Go PDS (Portable Dispensing System) is a reusable, accurate dispenser for use with Spartan's ... Spartan's Clean on the Go and Green Solutions 2-liter concentrates. The unit can be used with a variety of…
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    Concentrated Window Cleaner

    glass cleaning. With a dilution of 1:20, one quart makes five gallons. The formula has a pleasant floral ... floral fragrance and is boosted with distilled vinegar for added cleaning. No rinsing is required and there…
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    SparSan Q® Disinfectant Deodorant Linen Clean Fragrance

    SparSan Q Disinfectant Deodorant is a versatile, ready-to-use aerosol disinfectant deodorant. It is ideal ... ideal for convenient disinfection after spot clean up, and for those areas not easily reached during…
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    Super HDQ®L 10

    A half ounce per gallon of concentrate provides total cleaning, disinfection and deodorization in one ... used in conjunction with the Lean Clean on the Go Dispenser which provides pinpoint 1:256 accuracy. Neutral…
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    LavoWash Panel

    Spartan’s centralized dosing systems are custom-configured to work with your equipment and linen needs ... needs. Save time and hassles with a single control point for your entire plant. Stay connected anytime,…
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    4 Prod. Single 3.5 GPM

    The Spartan 4-product dispensers offer employee safety, accurate diluting, and cost-control. Professional ... to comply with safety statements and OSHA regulations. Over-proportioned chemicals equal a higher in-use…
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    Clean on the Go® Foam Gun with “Fresh Rinse” Spray

    The Clean on the Go Foam gun is an easy to use, portable foam gun with a fresh rinse, feature for use ... use with the Clean on the Go chemical management system. The unit automatically dilutes at 2 oz. per gallon…
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    Sterigent is a one-step, heavy duty, all-purpose disinfectant excellent for use in schools, animal hospitals ... hospitals; wherever heavy-duty cleaning is necessary. A quaternary-based formulation, Sterigent provides bactericidal…
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    Foamy Q & A®

    Foamy Q & A is a ready-to-use, acid-based formula with special foaming action for fast and efficient ... rooms and other areas with similar surfaces to be cleaned. Foamy Q & A can be used on a wide range of acid-resistant…

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