H2-D2® (248560)

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Highly dilutable, heavy duty cleaner/degreaser. Butyl-base system, H2-D2 features rust inhibitors and heat stability up to 180ºF. Excellent for hot dip tank cleaning, industrial processing and maintenance tasks. Use in conjunction with automatic scrubbers, pressure washers and steam cleaning equipment. Provides superior cleaning and degreasing results at cost saving high dilution.

PH 13.4 - 13.8
Dilution 2 - 4 oz/gal
Color Orange
Scent Solvent

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
248505 00753727012053 5 GAL PAIL
248515 00753727012060 15 GAL DRUM
248530 00753727012077 30 GAL DRUM
248555 00753727012084 55 GAL DRUM
248560 00753727012039 275 GAL TOTE

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