Sterigent® (105504)

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Sterigent is a one-step, heavy duty, all-purpose disinfectant excellent for use in schools, animal hospitals, motels, and hospitals; wherever heavy-duty cleaning is necessary. A quaternary-based formulation, Sterigent provides bactericidal activity, deodorization, and superior cleaning activity meeting EPA requirements for use in areas that require good disinfecting with superior cleaning performance.

PH 9.1 - 9.5
Dilution 3 oz./gal.
Color Pink
Scent Lemon
EPA Registration Number 5741-2

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
105504 10753727010766 1 GAL 4/CSE
105505 00753727010776 5 GAL PAIL
105515 00753727010783 15 GAL DRUM
105530 00753727010790 30 GAL DRUM
105555 00753727010806 55 GAL DRUM
105565 00753727034970 330 GAL TOTE
This product cannot be shipped to the following countries: Canada

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