4 Dimensions of Clean with Peroxy 4D™

June 06, 2014

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, announced today the availablity of Peroxy 4D™ Disinfecting Cleaner.

In today's crowded world, germs are easily spread. According to the Center for Disease Control's guidelines for preventing the spread of germs, cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces is fundamental to reducing the potential for illnesses that result from contact with those surfaces. It is not enough to simply disinfect; since uncleaned surfaces can be a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria, surfaces must be properly cleaned in order to ensure the efficacy of the disinfectant.

Peroxy 4D™ is a hospital grade, one-step cleaner/disinfectant that delivers fast, effective cleaning performance with the power of peroxide.Peroxy 4D™ offers four dimensions of clean: it effectively disinfects, deodorizes, is dilutable, and has the dual-action chemistry of quaternary ammonium and hydrogen peroxide.

Effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses, Peroxy 4D™ can be used on washable, non-porous surfaces in restrooms, kitchens, daycare centers, airports, cruise ships, athletic facilities, education and office buildings, correctional facilities, hospitality and lodging establishments, and anywhere a clean and healthy environment is desired.

At 1:64 dilution, Peroxy 4D™ economically and efficiently disinfects and deodorizes. Natural effervescent hydrogen peroxide powers through common grease, dirt and grime, and eliminates urine odor and other odors caused by bacteria. Peroxy 4D™ kills 100% of germs of high concern including HIV-1,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Staphylococcus aureus,Salmonella enterica,Escherichia coli,MRSA and Community-Associated MRSA, and H1N1 Influenza A.

"With the costs related to absenteeism and vacancies escalating, clean, healthy buildings are of high importance to facility managers," said John Swigart, President of Spartan Chemical Company. "The dual action chemistry of Peroxy 4D™ delivers a 1-2 punch, leaving buildings clean & bright while reducing the potential for the spread of harmful pathogens."

Peroxy 4D™ Disinfecting Cleaner is available through Spartan's select distributor network. For more information or to find a distributor near you, visit www.spartanchemical.com.

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Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. has been a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market since 1956. A proud US employer, Spartan manufactures high quality products from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maumee, OH and sells both domestically and internationally through a selective network of distribution. Spartan's chemical products and services are used in building service contractor, education, health care, food service and processing, lodging/hospitality, and industrial markets.

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