Airlift® Smoke & Odor Eliminator


Airlift®  Smoke & Odor Eliminator (608600)

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A powerful odor neutralizer, Airlift Smoke & Odor Eliminator actually destroys complex odors such as smoke, rancid or stale food, pet odors, mildew. Its specially developed active odor counteractant attacks airborne malodor molecules creating a chemical reaction for instant neutralization and destruction of nearly every offensive smell. Only a pleasant, springtime fresh and clean fragrance remains. It instantly kills odors...cleans the air...restores indoor air quality. Recommended for tough odor problems found in hotel and motel rooms, restaurants, lounges, and designated smoking areas in offices, airports and bus depots.

Color none
pH 6.0 - 8.0
Scent Floral

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Product Code Bar Code Size
608600 10753727023346 12-20 OZ.CAN

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