Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP


Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP (317905)

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A high foam, high alkaline, liquid concentrate, Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP penetrates, emulsifies and removes tough food soils as well as natural and liquid smoke residue from smokehouses, ovens, fryers and other food processing equipment. Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP is built to the heavy duty, high performance standards expected in today's food-safety conscious environment. The powerful cleaning force of sodium hydroxide and sodium metasilicate saponifies fat, dissolves protein, and removes carbonized and greasy soils as well as natural and liquid smoke residue. Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP attacks food soils such as sugar, fat, protein, salt, or any combination of these and removes them quickly and efficiently.

Color none
Dilution 1 - 12 oz./gal.
pH 14
Scent none


  • Kosher Product
    Kosher Product

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Packaging Variations

Product Code Bar Code Size
317905 00753727031719 5 GAL PAIL
317915 00753727032860 15 GAL DRUM
317930 00753727032877 30 GAL DRUM
317955 00753727031726 55 GAL DRUM
317960 00753727031733 275 GAL TOTE
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