Bonnet and Traffic Lane Carpet Cleaner

Product Details

BONNET & TRAFFIC LANE CARPET CLEANER is a creamy, white emul sion concentrate specially formulated to be used in conjunc- tion with the bonnet buffing, spin yarn, or soil transfer me thod of carpet cleaning. Designed for and most effectively u sed against light to medium soil conditions, BONNET & TRAFFI C LANE CARPET CLEANER is an excellent cleaner/maintainer for highly trafficked areas and may also be used to pre-treat h eavily soiled areas prior to sham-pooing or extracting. BONN ET & TRAFFIC LANE CARPET CLEANER is a new generation cleaner formulated specifically for use with the bonnet system. Dry and wet solvents blended with soil emulsifying wetting agen ts to provide quick penetration and transfer of soil from ca rpeting to the bonnet.
  • Color


  • Dilution

    16 - 42 oz./gal.

  • pH

    8.5 - 9.0

  • Scent


Product Code: Bar Code: Size:
308504 10753727015433 1 GAL 4/CSE