Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment

Product Details

Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment is ready to use. Fill a trigger spray bottle with bulk Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment and spray your dust mops and dust cloths. It will pick up dust, lint, and soil and scattering of dust is eliminated, which reduces labor. Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment reduces wear and the abrasion of floor finishes from sand and soil and enhances the appearance and prolongs the floor finish life. Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment is non-flammable and safe to use on most hard surfaces. It has a pleasant fragrance, making it appealing for the cleaning staff to use. It can be used to dust off pictures or to dust down walls.
  • Color

    Opaque White

  • Dilution


  • pH

    8.5 - 9.5

  • Scent


Product Code: Bar Code: Size:
301304 10753727014214 1 GAL 4/CSE
301305 00753727014224 5 GAL PAIL
301315 00753727014231 15 GAL DRUM
301330 00753727014248 30 GAL DRUM
301355 00753727014255 55 GAL DRUM
301365 00753727014200 330 GAL TOTE
321303 10753727016911 QUART 12/CSE